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Original photo taken by Kim Becker, circa 2004

Original photo
taken by Kim Becker
circa 2004

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Gary Dodd is a self-taught Australian free verse poet, who has written at least poems and words since 1995. He has self-published 26 poetry books spread over 12 titles,  including a definitive collection of 13 volumes. 

Using the links below, or in the SITE MENU, you can view information about Gary's journey of writing and his published books.

The “Sample Poems” link will be take you to a page with links to several examples of Gary’s poetry, starting with his first poem "As strangers go friends."

Gary has formulated some questions with answers (Q and A) to assist you in understanding his journey of poetry.

The "Links to all sites" page lists all of the sites associated with Gary.


Published Books

Sample Poems

Links to all sites

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