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Below, you will find some questions and answers regarding Gary Dodd's poetry.

When did Gary first start writing poetry?
Has Gary been successful at any poetry competitions?
Has any of Gary's poetry been peer-reviewed?
Has Gary ever been a member of any poetry group or organisation?
What poetry training has Gary undertaken?
What style of poetry does Gary write?
How many books has Gary self-published?
How many words of poetry has Gary written?
What is the longest poem that Gary has written?
In what situations has Gary's poetry been used?
In which countries has Gary's poetry been used?
Are any of Gary's poems well known?
What is Gary's date of birth?
Where can you buy Gary's books?
Any other questions?

Gary started writing his version of poetry in 1995, when he wrote a poem for a young lady he had met a couple of months earlier, at mutual friend's wedding. To Gary's knowledge, it was his first poem, other than what might have been written in school, and has been forgotten or lost long ago.

To Gary's recollection, he has entered two poetry competitions. He did not make any progress in either competition, other than submitting his entry.

Gary is not aware of any of his poetry having been peer-reviewed. Gary has not personally submitted his poetry to any organisation for the purposes of peer review, critique or assessment.

Gary was a member of Australian Poetry for one year (2011/12). However, he did not participate in any of its activities, and did not opt to renew his membership.

Gary has not undertaken any formal or informal poetry training.

Gary's style of poetry is self-taught, and self-evolving. He occasionally experiments with different forms of his own creation, without formally adhering to any recognised poetry style. Less than 2% of Gary's poems rhyme. He believes his version of poetry is called "free verse." Gary essentially writes from his heart and how he is feeling at the time. He later edits with his head.

Gary has self-published 26 poetry books spread over 12 titles. Gary has never approached a literary agent or a recognised publisher regarding his poetry.

As at , Gary has written at least words of poetry.

As at , the longest poem that Gary has written is 2,784 words.

From word of mouth and also checking the internet, Gary is aware that his poetry has been used in/at: business meetings, conference presentations, annual reports, social groups, schools, inter-school competitions, newsletters, foreign language e-zines, prayers, birthdays, weddings including father of the bride speech, anniversaries, funerals, open gardens, and as a tattoo.

Gary is aware that his poetry has been used in the following countries (alphabetical): Australia, Canada, England, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United States of America (if you are aware of another country where Gary's poetry has been used, please let him know, by using the Contact Us option on this website, and this list will be updated).

That question is really like "how long is a piece of string?" Of some note, Gary did write a poem about Integrity in 2003. Some years later, he submitted the poem to a website for inclusion. The website accepted the poem, and for most of 2012, it was the first entry on a well-known search engine (of course, that could easily change). Gary is not associated with the particular website in question.

Due to security concerns, especially the prevalence of identity theft, Gary is not releasing his date of birth. He will say that he was born in the month of June in the year of Nineteen Sixty AD.

For the foreseeable future, the only place you can buy Gary's books is directly from Gary (via his websites). This decision is the result of numerous adverse experiences with distributors and retail outlets, including on one occasion, where a distributor took books on consignment and has not paid for any books sold since 2005. It is believed this same party is still selling copies of Gary's first book on a prominent internet website for books. Over 60 copies of Gary's first book remained unaccounted for, with this party, and Gary has lost all contact with this party. Of additional disappointment to Gary, was the lack of any response from the prominent internet website when his copyright/theft issues were raised with that site.

If you have any other questions regarding Gary's poetry, please use the "Contact Us" link in the menu at the top of this page, to forward them to Gary. If the questions are suitable and can be answered, Gary will post them on this webpage. Gary reserves the right to answer/not answer any question submitted.

Thank you. (Last updated 13 April 2015)


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