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Contact Us

If you have questions or comments regarding Gary, his books, or this website (which is maintained by Gary), please use the link below to send an email. 

Due to the incessant problems with spam and other unsolicited mail, please ensure that you put the website name or some other identifying feature in the subject line of your email. Please do not send attachments in your first email, as any attachment will not be opened due to the high probability of viruses.  Gary apologises for specifying these restrictions, and would prefer not to have to do so.

Where possible, Gary will endeavour to reply to your email at the earliest possible opportunity (subject to his ability to access a computer and the internet). Your email address will not be passed on, without your prior permission.

{Please note: Are you under 18? If so, then due to increasing concerns about minors communicating with unknown adults, Gary would prefer to communicate with any person, under the age of 18, in one of the following ways.

Any person wishing further information and/or copies of poems from Gary, needs to communicate such a request through either:
(1) an adult or teacher as a proxy, or
(2) by cc-ing (carbon-copying) a suitable person (adult/teacher) with the request.
Any, and all, communication will be conducted in such way, via and/or cc-ing the proxy. (Gary reserves the right to check the age/status of any such person requesting information).

Gary apologises for this restriction, and has imposed it, in recognition of the concerns of many people regarding the communication between unknown adults and minors.}


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